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Kamis, 06 Maret 2014

Cara Setting TP-LINK TL-WA730RE & TL-WA830RE

 Bagaimana mengkonfigurasi Range Extender saya

Cocok untuk: TL-WA730RE, TL-WA830RE
Before configuration, please get the right information of the Root Router as below:
Information of Root Router:
  •  LAN IP:
  •  Encryption Type: WPA2-PSK with AES
  •  Passphrase: testtplink
  • Since the DHCP function on the Range Extender is disabled by default, we have to manually assign an IP address as 192.168.1.x to the computer to match the default IP address of the Range Extender. Please click here for detailed instruction. For TL-WA830RE, its LAN IP is, please assign 192.168.0.x for you computer.
  • Connect the computer to the Range Extender with an Ethernet cable. And disconnect the wireless from the root router.
Configuration on Range Extender :
1.    Log onto the Range Extender’s management page. Please click here for the detailed instruction;
2.    Click Network. Please make sure the Range Extender's IP address is in the same IP segment with the Root Router and avoid the IP conflict. In this instance, we can change the IP to "". Then click Save.
Notice: If the root router is not in the IP segment 192.168.1.X, for example, it is need to change the IP of the Range Extender to and after clicking on Save, please change the IP of your computer to and then log in the Range Extender’s management page by using the new IP
3.    Click Quick Setup, Click on Next->Wireless. Select Range Extender as the Operation Mode. Then click Search.
4.    Find the Root Router's SSID on the list, and then click Connect.
5.    Click Save.
6.    Click Wireless -> Wireless Security. Select WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK, and Encryption AES. input the password "testtplink" in the PSK Password field. Then click Save. The Security settings on the Range Extender must be the same as the root router. Please contact the support of the router to check it if you are not sure.
After you go through all the above steps, the Range Extender should get working properly with the Root Router.
How to confirm:
Go to System Tools->Diagnosticin the IP address(or IP address/Domain Name) bar type in the root router’s IP, click on the Start on the bottom.
And the last step is to set the computer to obtain the IP address automatically.
If the Ping is not successful, please check all above settings carefully, or contact TP-LINK support for help.
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