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Jumat, 04 September 2015

Ipega PG-9025 Bluetooth Controller Gamepad for Smartphone

Overview of Ipega Mobile Wireless Gaming Controller Bluetooth 3.0 for Apple and Tablet PC with Multimedia Keys - PG-9025
Convenient Way to Play Game !

Ipega PG-9025 is a new design wireless bluetooth controller with multimedia keys and support different Android / iOS / PC and etc games.

Bluetooth 3.0 Connection
With this features, You can connect this gaming controller to any Smartphone and Tablet PC that have bluetooth. You can play your favorite games on any device you like !

Multimedia Keys
Easily control your phone with this multimedia keys. You can play, stop, next, previous, volume up, volume down your music, movie and games.

Telescopic Holder
You can put your Smartphone on this controller. The holder can be adjusted easily so it fits your Smartphone. Making this gaming controller more convenient for playing games.

Compatible with iPod/iPhone/iPad as well as the vast majority of Android tablet PC.

Tersedia warna hitam dan putih

Harga (Update September)
Rp 278.000,-
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