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Kamis, 18 Juni 2015

Sony SRS-X7 Wireless Speaker

Sony SRS-X7 Wireless Speaker

Harga (Update Juni 2015)
Rp 3.999.000,-

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Wifi SongPalReproduce Powerful And Deep BassDSEE - Digital Sound Enhancement EngineS-MasterStream Music With One TouchDefinitive Outline Design
Seamless Listening Experience
The SRS-X7 returns the simple pleasure of music-listening with a single touch. Built with NFC, DLNA, AirPlay, Bluetooth® and SongPal™, there’s no need for wired connections or complex set-ups to get the tunes going from your laptop or audio device.

Intuitively manage between Spotify®, Deezer or other music sources with Sony's free music app SongPal™. One app to control your entire music library!
Seamless Listening Experience
Reproduce Powerful And Deep Bass
Magnetic Fluid Speaker
Reproduce Powerful And Deep Bass
The SRS-X7 wireless speaker delivers music with remarkable clarity and depth. Its dual passive radiators and 62mm woofer produce deep, resonant bass.Together with a 32W, 2.1 channel, magnetic fluid speaker system, you’ll hear pure sound minus the distortion.
Charged Up For Maximum Enjoyment
Passive radiators
Newly-developed dual passive radiators produce deep, resonant bass despite the speaker's strikingly slim design.
Powerful woofer
Engineered exclusively for this model, the 62 mm woofer generates deep low end-for bass that will amaze.
Upscales Compressed Files
DSEE on the SRS-X7 restores high range sound lost in the compression process to MP3 format. This results in rich, natural audio that replicates the original CD sound source.
DSEE - Digital Sound Enhancement Engine
Upscales Compressed Files
Clear And Loud Audio
s-master logo
Conventional Analogue Amplifier S-Master Full Digital Amplifier
The S-Master™ digital amplifier is a Sony technology developed to reduce distortion and retain clarity in your music no matter how loud you play it. It also enables detailed reproduction of high frequencies to achieve a balanced sound, ensuring fidelity to its original source.
Stream Music With One Touch
wifi onetouch logo
One-touch Listening
Hear your favourite tracks come alive by streaming your music from your smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth®. Together with the aptX® coding technology which sends full music bandwidth over Bluetooth®, you can enjoy CD-like quality wireless audio upon play. For easy Bluetooth® pairing, tap your NFC-enabled device to the speaker for instant playback.
Beautiful Form And Function
Unique to the X-Series range is the sleek “Definitive Outline” frame that consists of 12 outlines around the square form to create the most suitable sound wave for high-quality audio. Combining beautiful form with function, the speaker touts bold outlines and chamfered edging to harmonise perfectly with any interior space in your home.
Beautiful Form And Function
USB Charging Port
Stream any songs you want in crisp and clear quality while charging your iPhone or Android phone on the USB Charging Port.
Rechargeable Battery
Equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery which gives you 6 hours of playback, enjoy your playlist outdoors, or wherever you are.
This One-touch setting makes automatic changes to the recommended sound setting.
Protect your speaker from scratches and dirt with a specially fitted hard carrying case. Store the product after use conveniently with its collapsible design.

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