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Rabu, 17 Juni 2015

Sony SRS-X2 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Sony SRS-X2 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Harga (Update Juni 2015)
Rp 1.388.000,-

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  • Get blown away by big, powerful sound
  • Enjoy crystal-clear audio quality every time
  • Stream your music with One-touch Connection
  • Fuel your music enjoyment with 5 hours playback time
  • Take hands-free calls without skipping a beat
  • Enjoy the sound you want with a portable speaker
20W of power CLearRudio+ One-touch Listening + Bluetooth 5 Hours of Playback Take Calls Without Skipping A Beat Music You Can Take Anywhere
Loud, Powerful Acoustics
Feel the music, dive into the movie, or lose yourself in the game. With a 2 channel bass-reflex system and 2 full-range 10 watt speakers, the SRS-X2 reproduces powerful loud sound that achieves crisp mid and high range sound. Enjoy loud, expansive and clear sound with Virtual Surround Sound, which can be activated when the speakers are switched to Sound Mode, delivering an even more impressive, wider sound stage.

Loud, Powerful Acoustics
Enjoy Amazing Sound Fidelity
Enjoy Amazing
Sound Fidelity
Designed for a rich audio experience, the SRS-X2 features Clear Audio+ to reproduce the fullness, clarity and depth of your music as it was intended. So whether you’re cranking bass-heavy jams or a neo-soul ballad, your music is optimised for clear, pristine audio quality.
Connect To Your Music
With Ease
One Touch logo Bluetooth logo
Say hello to a wireless world of music. The SRS-X2 features Bluetooth® 3.0 compatibility for easy pairing with your smartphone or tablet, while the built-in NFC One-touch listening plays your music with a simple tap. No wires, no complicated setup, no hassle, just your favourite tunes with superior sound quality.
Connect To Your Music With Ease
Longer Lasting Music Enjoyment
Longer Lasting Music
Characterised by sleek lines and smooth surfaces, the SRS-X2 blends great design with a battery life to match. It is equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery, giving you 5 hours of playback time on a single charge to keep the good vibes flowing.
Take Calls Without
Skipping A Beat
Lose yourself in your music without missing that important call. Simply press the dedicated speakerphone button on the SRS-X2, and you can have a hands-free conversation when a call comes in.

Take Calls Without
Skipping A Beat
Music You Can Take Anywhere
Music You Can Take Anywhere
Weighing just 500 grams, the sleek and handheld SRS-X2 is ideal for taking your playlist wherever you go. Available in three colours* (black, red and white) and fit to bring for any sports activities or indoor parties, you've got all you need to pump up the party with amazing sound quality within palm-size.

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