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Selasa, 14 April 2015

ROCCAT™ Taito – Shiny Black Gaming Mousepad

ROCCAT™ Taito – Shiny Black Gaming Mousepad


The average cloth mousepad is comprised of coarse, low-grade fibres, resulting in erratic mouse movement that may be faster on the Y axis than it is on the X axis, or vice versa. The Taito is different. It’s built using only the highest quality cloth textile available, with a heat-blasted Nano Matrix structure providing a silky smooth surface that’s consistent on both axes. It offers a high-speed glide with remarkable control. Whether your enemy beside, behind, above or beneath you, the Taito won’t let you down when you go in for the kill.

The Taito King-Size heads up the series, with a generous 400mm x 320mm surface area,  with a thickness of 5mm

Mini Size: Rp 150.000,-
Mid Size: Rp 200.000,-
King Size: Rp 245.000,-

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