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Rabu, 15 April 2015

Apacer AH223 USB Flash Drive 2.0

Apacer AH223 USB Flash Drive 2.0

Highlight :
  • Diversified colors
  • Pen cap design, no cap will be lost
  • Bundled with ACE software and extend flash drive up to magnificent 5x capacity

Explore Your Own Personal Style among Diversified Colors
The new AH223 comes in colored middle frames radiant with five dazzling hues: Emerald Green, Crystal Yellow, Ocean Blue, Exotic Pink and Elegant Gray, all having a base color of Ivory White on the body, and thus users can showcase their unique personalities with rich coloration. And besides the shiny, streamlined and avant-garde appearances, AH223 also features its compactness and pen cap design, reaching a perfect balance among quality, performance, and functionality! 
Diversified Colors
New AH223 uses ivory white as its base color, embellished with Emerald Green, Crystal Yellow, Ocean Blue, Exotic Pink, and Elegant Gray for the middle frames. A wide variety of color choices for personalization matched with sleek lines convey every user-specific sense of fashion, allowing style-focused users to choose their own unique gadget. 


Pen Cap Design
As Apacer highlights the aesthetics and functionality in product design, AH223 shows thought-out details with its special pen cap design to prevent accidental loss of cap. 


Easy to Use
Easy portability is one of the key factors consumers always take into consideration while choosing a USB flash drive. In addition to its chic look, the lightweight and compact AH223 is also easy to use and carry. 

4GB Rp 48.500,-
8GB Rp 50.000,-
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