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Senin, 29 September 2014

Genius Navigator 900 BT Mouse Bluetooth

Genius Navigator 900 BT Mouse Bluetooth

Navigator 900BT is the latest Bluetooth optical mouse from Genius that features 

Bluetooth 2.0 technology in a stylish design. No receiver needed! Instantly connect

 the Navigator 900 BT Bluetooth mini optical mouse to your Bluetooth enabled notebook. 

This device eliminates cord tangles and gives you ultimate wireless freedom 

The Genius Navigator 900 BT utilizes a powerful 1200dpi optical sensor, so you’re 

more efficient than ever when pointing, clicking, and navigating. Together with the 

smart power management and indicator, it can extend battery life and it’s easy to know 

when the batteries are low.

With Navigator900 BT, no matter for business or travel, you will be more productive 
and have more convenience.

Harga (Update September 2014) : Rp. 280.000,-

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