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Jumat, 26 September 2014

Adata XPG SX300 SATA : mSATA Solid State Drive 64GB

Adata XPG SX300 SATA : mSATA Solid State Drive 64GB

The increasing demand for high-performance system storage device is easily met by the Premier 
Pro SX300 mSATA 6GB/sec solid state drive. With a SandForce controller and 25nm (MLC) NAND 
Flash chips, the SX300 reaches random read and write speeds of up to 25,000/85,000 IOPS. 
When combined with the Sandy Bridge or Ivy Bridge platforms, the SX300 can achieve amazing 
performance on both desktop and notebook systems. The implementation of optimized firmware in 
the SX300 results in full utilization of the NAND Flash components, which translates to maximized 
storage capacity: a 7% increase over other solid state drives that use a SandForce controller. 
This zero percent over-provisioning is implemented with no loss to performance or supported features,
 and can be realized only by 100% screening and sorting of the NAND Flash.
SSD+ HDD Hybrid
With a SSD + HDD hybrid setup, the mSATA SSD acts as a cache
drive instead of main storage. Using this configuration, systems can
reach speed boosts comparable to systems with SSDs as primary
drive, while still enjoying the larger storage capacities of a mechanical
hard drive.
Excellent Cost Performance Value
The SX300 utilizes a SandForce controller with 25nm (MLC) NAND Flash chips. For the 256Gb model,
 transfer speeds are as high as 550MB/sec (read) and 505MB/sec (write). Random read/write speeds
 reach 25,000/85,000 IOPS. For energy saving and environmental protection, the low power consumption
 of the mSATA SSD greatly reduces electricity costs. When the SX300 and hard drive are used together 
in a hybrid configuration (SSD Caching), costs can be greatly reduced, with still reaching nearly the speed
 performance of an SSD as primary drive. Compared to a sole mechanical drive, performance is improved 
by up to 64%. 

* Data is based on internal testing, actual results will vary according to different platforms or software.
Hardware Compatibility
The SX300 is small and light, measuring only 50.95 x 30 x 4mm. It is applicable to many motherboards
 on the market that have an mSATA slot, including Acer TM8481G and MSI GT70. 
For more detailed information on compatible hardware, refer to the website of the relevant notebook 

Harga (Update September 2014) : Rp. 938.000,-

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