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Kamis, 18 September 2014

Adata HE720 : The Thinnest Portable Hard disk 1TB

Adata HE720 : The Thinnest Portable Hard disk 1TB

The ADATA DashDrive™ Elite HE720 external hard drive is a USB 3.0 compatible 
device and the world’s thinnest of its kind. The metal brushed metal exterior and 
elegant overall appearance enhance the fashion sense of technological lives. 
It represents the unique taste and professional image of successful businesspeople.
The World's First 8.9mm Ultra-Slim External Drive
Sporting a brushed stainless steel surface, and with a record-
breaking slim profile of only 8.9mm thickness, the DashDrive
Elite HE720 demonstrates once again the ADATA’s
consistently strong ability to combine top performance with
Stainless Steel Case with 9H Scratch Resistance
The brushed metal case with protective layer provides 9H scratch resistance, which prevents damage and marring even after long-term use. 
“One Touch Backup” Makes Backup Jobs Easier
The DashDrive Elite HE720 features “One touch backup” function which
automatically backs up and synchronizes data with one easy touch.
The HE720 is equipped with a bright blue LED indicator which shines through
the transmission process to indicate power and data transfer status.
Large capacities of 500GB, the equivalent of 100 DVD movie disc storage,
means that consumers don't have to worry about insufficient hard drive
capacity when performing backups, meeting the storage needs for high-quality,
high-resolution audio and video content.
Three Times Faster than USB 2.0
The DashDrive Elite HE720’s USB 3.0 interface offers transfer efficiency up to three times that of older 
USB 2.0 devices, but retains full backward compatibility with earlier versions. Compared to USB 2.0,
 in file read/write or data backup, transmission time can significantly reduced up to 70%. 
Even for large individual files, complete backups can be completed more quickly and easier, 
which for business people translates to a threefold increase in productivity!
Harga (Update September 2014) : Rp. 1.478.000,-
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