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Kamis, 18 September 2014

Adata HD650 : Portable Hard Disk 500GB

Adata HD650 : Portable Hard Disk 500GB 

The HD650 combines state-of-the-art materials with precise engineering 
to create an external storage solution that features improved ruggedness and 
data safety. The drive utilizes an ultra-fast USB 3.0 interface for improved transfer 
speed, and an azure LED indicates power and transfer status. I
ts flowing lines and striking colors make it a great looking storage option for valuable 


Designed to Absorb the Hardest Knocks
The triple-layer construction of the HD650 incorporates unique silicone
material with exceptional elasticity to provide great shock absorption on all axes.

The Capacity You Need
As the quantity of treasured high-definition photos and videos continues 
to increase for the average consumer, the HD650 comes in capacities 
of 500 gigabytes, 1 terabyte and 2 terabyte, providing ample storage 
space for modern digital lives. 

Dazzling Blue LED Indicator
The HD650 portable hard drive features a brilliant blue LED indicator to indicate 
power and data transfer status.

Surface Protected
The housing is constructed of a durable composite plastic material, 
highly resistant to scratching and marring.

Latest Hardware and Interface Specifications
The SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface delivers blazing data transfer speed,
 which can be monitored by the blue LED indicator.
The HD650 is fully compatible with Windows 8.x (and earlier) operating systems. 

Harga (Update Spetember 2014) : Rp.705.000,-

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